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Guy Bartlett, Founder of The Business Buyers Club

"I was a stressed out business owner, striving to get my business to the next level.  When I figured out how to acquire other Owner Managed Businesses I went on to buy £2.7 million of businesses in just 6 months which transformed my work and personal life.  Will you let me show you how?"

Why did you go into business?  Was it to escape a lunatic boss, only to discover you're ten times worse as your own boss? 

I hope it was to create Freedom and Choice....for you and for your family.  So right now, you are either hungry to kick on to the next level in your business or you're already doing well but just want that last pillar of wealth in place to cement your future.  If so, the Business Buyers Club can show you how to generate more wealth in 1 or 2 years than the average business person makes in 10 or 20 years...

Succeed at Your Pace 
The Business Buyers Club is made up of serious entrepreneurs who are looking to buy their next company in the next 6 - 12 months. Together with Guy and his amazing team of experts, you can choose a way to transform your life that suits you.
You'll learn how to acquire businesses by building great rapport with motivated owners for win-win deals 
You'll have a network of support from Guy and his personal team to remove the hassle from your acquisition
You'll achieve your biggest business ambitions faster than you ever dreamed possible
So if you're fed up with plodding along, and want to turbo charge your entrepreneurial life, The Business Buyers Club  will guide you towards the lifestyle you want. It's hard work, but the rewards will be worth it. 
If you're a highly motivated entrepreneur who is willing to put in the hard work that comes with acquiring a new business then why not book a call to talk to us?  During your call you'll discover how our Members - ordinary people like you - have acquired businesses and accelerated their wealth creation through the art of deal making.
About Guy Bartlett 
  • Sold and bought my first company in 1998 (for someone else!).
  • Set up my first Group of companies in 2000, generating £6m of sales in 6 years.
  • Became a Fellow of The Institute of Direct Marketing 2003.
  • Completed my first two deals worth £2.7m in 2006 to prove the concept.
  • Raised new venture cash of £3.2m with Venture Capitalists in 2006.
  • Have started and grown 3 separate 7 figure businesses - I get the "organic" route!
  • Worked on over 50 deals in last 5 years alone.
  • Acquired 10 companies with revenues totalling over £19m.  Negotiating on £46m right now.
Guy Bartlett has featured on Jason Manford's 'Money Pit' 

Have You Read Guy's FREE eBook Business Magic? 

"If you’ve ever thought about buying another business, we’ve got something in common. It's the fastest way you can expand your current business without investing any personal capital.
Scary though, right?
Well, not if you’ve done it 150 times before, over two decades, and already know all the pitfalls to avoid and pros to look out for.
I wrote the book for ordinary people who’ve had a long-cherished desire to build a business or change career. For business owners who are wondering how to take their work to the next level, without having to invest their own capital, and for property investors looking to acquire a business as an asset too.
If you fall into any of those camps (or even if you don’t but you just want to understand how it’s possible to buy businesses without your own money), give it a read."

- Guy Bartlett

David Hall , MD Beeches Kids and Training ltd 

 "Guy's knowledge of business acquisition is second to none" 

Guy robustly identified flaws within the deal structure of the acquisition. He was also able to restructure the business deal to make it appealing to the vendor and to the bank to enable me to get finance.
 However, at the financing stage, there were a number of hurdles I wasn't accustomed to. Guy’s knowledge was exemplary and helped to navigate me through the maze of financing the acquisition. We were then able to agree a financing package with a high street bank with Guy's input.
Guy also guided me through all the due diligence and legal processes to completion and after the acquisition of the business, a number of challenges surfaced. His knowledge of business acquisition is second to none. He aptly resolved post acquisition disputes.
 I would highly recommend Guy to any budding entrepreneur who is seeking to acquire their first company or would like to build a portfolio of businesses

Scott Clark, MD Virtual Networking Ltd 

"I believe Guy saved me a lot of time and money. If only I'd known about him sooner!" 

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Guy by one of my business mentors. I was spending a lot of time trying to work out if it was a viable decision to purchase another similar business. Originally I sought advice from my account, solicitor, business coach and friends but all were pretty much sat on the fence whether I should or shouldn't purchase this business.
After a quick conversation with Guy and an email with all the relevant information Guy was able to come back to me with a straight to the point reason why I shouldn't buy the business along with a number of other reasons why this was a bad move.
I believe Guy has saved me a lot of time and money. If only I had known about him a couple of weeks sooner. I am sure at some stage we will be ready for an acquisition and when we are Guy will be the first person I call.
 Additionally I will be recommending him to anyone I know looking to buy or sell their business. Thanks again Guy! 
Find out how The Business Buyers Club can help you achieve the Financial Freedom you were looking for when you first went into business
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