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Are you ready to start 
playing the game of business 
at a completely new level?

If you're fed up plodding along with your existing business or you've come to the realisation that what you're doing is not going to enable you to realise your wealth creation goals (...or it's just not happening fast enough for you), then this programme is for you. 

Embark on a 12 month journey where I'll work closely with you to acquire your next business at the best possible price and transform your lifestyle for good. This is NOT a get rich quick programme. But if you put the work and time in, you'll generate wealth in 1 to 2 years that most business owners don't achieve in 10 years. 
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How to Earn £165k - £600k a Year 
Working part-time Buying and Selling Businesses - 
and Build a £ Multi-Million Net Worth in Less than 5 Years
What does the Elite Programme involve? 
During months 1 - 6 ...

We show you how to acquire businesses with genuine motivated vendors for great win-win deals

During months 7 - 12 ...

We show you how to manage, grow and then extract maximum value from your acquisitions

Every  Month...

Each month, you'll receive a full days workshop, live "in the trenches" follow up webinar and 121 coaching sessions

Not a single word of text book theory.
  • You'll 'look over my shoulder' throughout the first six months of the programme as I find, negotiate and complete deals RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES during the monthly workshops.
  • You'll get unrestricted access to all of the valuation tools, business modelling and legal documentation I use ... saving you the £30,000 I paid to have it created.
  • I'll introduce you to the trusted advisers I use and I'll get them to share their 'top tips' with you.
  • I'll show you how to negotiate deals ... and then you'll get the chance to hone this critical skill to perfection by practicing on me and your fellow members.
  • I'll give your potential deals the once over for you whilst you are finding your feet and gaining confidence in your own abilities.
  • I'll give you the formulas and check lists I've developed and now rely on to make fast accurate decisions over which opportunities to persue (and just importantly which ones to 'pass' on).
  • I'll teach you EVERYTHING I know ... and then hold you accountable to actually getting down to it and using your new found knowledge.
At our monthly sessions, you'll get an in depth look at how you can negotiate and complete your own deals, as well as have access to all the advice and guidance you need. 
Find out how the Business Buyers Club can help you accelerate your wealth creation

Joe Wilson
Property Investor now buying supporting businesses
Attended event in June 2017, Joined in July 2017

“I came across Guy when he was speaking at an event and he shared some really interesting tools. The BBC presented an opportunity for me to open up a whole new asset class. The whole thing has been wonderful. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone.”

“Guy is fantastic. Inspirational. His knowledge is incredibly deep and incredibly broad and he is incredibly free with it all. He gives it out with no thought to commercial gain.”

Andy Gosling, Web Developer – September 2018

“The course was the most amazing ...jaw-dropping. I had a really excellent time on it and my jaw kept on dropping at what Guy was sharing with us. It opened my eyes to what’s possible.
What’s refreshing is that I’ve come away with the tools to create a plan for the rest of my life. And not just a plan to be financially successful, but physically and mentally successful as well.
I’ve already bought one eCommerce business and I’m now in talks with two different vendors. It’s early days but I’m building up my pipeline.
If you want to buy a business, I can’t recommend Guy’s courses highly enough.”

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