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What the Butty Man Taught Me

by | May 25, 2016 | Business

Well it was a cold, crisp early morning and I spotted the butty van by the side of the road and the urge to indulge in a bacon butty overwhelmed me!  The butty hit the spot but what was even better was the conversation that struck up between me and the man in the van.

I usually ask self employed people how their business is doing.  I often see this chap, who spends every working day and often also on a Saturday, working his van on a busy main road.  He must talk to hundreds if not thousands of folk in the course of a year and a bit like the London cabbies, was happy to chat as he prepared my butty (no sauce mind).

What I learnt was far more interesting than the butty (as good as it was).  You see, having asked how his business was we talked about the economy, and people’s disposable income levels and my Butty Man had very strong and sensible views on the economy and the levels of debt in the UK and the world in general.  You don’t have to run a big business or employ people to understand the importance of paying down debt and creating real, tangible value in a business.  We talked about the disgrace of how the big banks took massive risks and ran up huge debts on global products they didn’t understand, were bailed out by the tax payers through the Government yet now won’t lend to small businesses that represent minimal risk and would power a real revival in the economy given the chance.

So as I drove off, licking my lips, I was glad to be reminded of how important it is to generate real long term value and create financial freedom as quickly as possible in this uncertain world.

So ask yourself….

“Is what I’m doing now going to get me where I want to be in a year, or two or three even”?  If not, then consider the lesson from the Butty Van Man and tell me, through the Blog, what steps you plan to take to reset your financial freedom goals and plans.

Go on…you know you want to!