Do you, like me, like to follow business stories in the media?

If so, you may have watched in growing amazement as I have at the goings on at Bell Pottinger, a UK founded Public Relations firm.  Their own website describes them as “a leading integrated, international reputation management agency”.  Oh the delicious irony when it’s their own reputation that has been so comprehensively trashed by what appears to be their own corporate greed!

If you haven’t followed the story – you can see some of the story here – the South African office of the group took on a client, with a brief which was essentially to trash the opposition to the established government,(itself widely accused of all manner of wrong doings)..

A formal enquiry found that Bell Pottinger had been guilty of spreading falsehoods in return for what seemed like a lucrative fee.  I bet that fee doesn’t look so good now though!

Almost as soon as the verdict of the enquiry was known, major clients like HSBC bank started to bail on the company (who can blame them?).  They lost their Chief Executive and other senior executives starting to pile out of the door marked exit fast.  Now, it’s reported that a potential trade buyer has also pulled out and the Insolvency vultures are gathering.

Yet the business was founded in the UK in 1987 – exactly 30 years ago – by Tim (now Baron) Bell who made his reputation in the 1980s creating and managing amazingly successful PR campaigns for Margaret Thatcher and the Tory party alongside the likes of Saatchi and Saatchi.

Lord Bell, the co-founder of controversial PR firm Bell Pottinger, admitted in an interview on the BBC’s Newsnight programme that the company will “almost certainly” fail to recover from being mired in the South African racism row.

The relevance of this story is very strong for the Members of The Business Buyers Club.  One the key skills we teach in our programmes is evaluating the value of a business.  All the companies we look at are Owner Managed Businesses but reputation is always a factor that can adversely affect the value of a company.

So whilst you can learn all about assessing the numbers in a deal, in truth 80% of a deal consists of the “soft” components that underpin the numbers, including the emotional elements that go through a vendor’s mind.  These are the most important elements to a successful deal pre and post completion – and this is one of the areas we help our members to focus on in our training.

Knowing how to assess the market reputation during Due Diligence and unearthing maybe a ticking time bomb such as that which befell Bell Pottinger would be absolutely vital to a successful acquisition.

Let me ask you:

  • Do YOU know how to assess the true value of a business?
  • Do YOU know how to pick a figure that will keep both YOU and the Vendor happy?
  • Do YOU know how to ensure you’re not buying a business that will FAIL within the next 12 to 36 months?
  • How long do you intend to wait before you decide to get to grips with generating long term assets that will give YOU and your family true financial freedom?

I get lots of messages, comments and calls from entrepreneurs who are in business because have always wanted to create time, freedom, more money and a luxurious lifestyle. They thought that running their current business would achieve that. Instead, they feel trapped and want to break free.

It does NOT have to be that way!

How amazing would it be to acquire one, two or three profitable businesses in the next 12 months(our members aim to buy one business per quarter once they’ve learned the process!)? And to have them all bringing you extra cash in excess of £100k per annum PER business – alongside adding the value of the businesses into your net worth, allowing you to rapidly reach a “pension pot” that you could otherwise only dream of?

So, how would YOU like to double or treble your turnover AND your net worth in the next 12 month period?

If you’d like to learn the steps to take to achieve this, then let me show you how.

I run regular workshops where you can come and learn the step by step method for how to buy a second business using none of your own cash.

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P.S. This is not for everyone! If you are happy with the performance of your current business and lifestyle then please don’t attend. But if you’re ready to expand your business rapidly then I’d love to help.

P.P.S. Even if you’ve tried to look at acquisitions in the past and struggled – I can still help. We can talk about WHY it didn’t work and the correct approach to use in the future. It’s very simple if you know the correct strategy. Just call us NOW!