How Good was your 80th Birthday Party?

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Business

I realise that for most of you reading this post that might seem like a strange question.  You haven’t yet reached your 80th birthday, let alone had a party, right?

Some people are party animals and some are not but most people would expect to mark their 80th birthday in some meaningful way when they get there.  But have you ever given any real thought to what that celebration might look like?

Why would you?  Most people are focused on the here and now or, maybe, a horizon of between one and five years.

So what prompted my question and the thinking behind the question was watching and sharing the experience of our latest Elite Group of The Business Buyers Club recently going through their lifetime visualisation and goal setting exercise.  Yes, that’s right, their lifetime!

You see, us entrepreneurs are a funny breed.  We’re driven, determined, willing to take risks and step out of the bubble of “normal” life.  Yet it’s my experience that all too infrequently, if at all, we take time to step out of the day to day “doing” to reflect on why.  We talk about “financial freedom” but do we ever take time to craft what that actually means?  How often do we say “what exactly do I want my life to look like?” or to reflect on why we are not living life now.

It was my good friend and mentor Terry Gormley who helped me to consider what it might take to live my life back to front.  In other words, to stop thinking that “when I get to….I can do…” and instead pose the question “what needs to happen in order to….”!

So it was really rewarding to watch the new Elite members go through the exercise and emerge at the end realising their dreams and goals could be achieved way faster or be way bigger through the medium of acquiring, improving and selling businesses to create what I call forever money.

You know the maxim – thoughts are energy.  So when you focus your thoughts on a different outcome the energy created will usually turn them into reality and the more you focus – with the help of an effective framework – the faster that process become reality too.

So ask yourself….

“If I could learn the skills to understand and release that kind of energy, could I conceive and create my perfect 80th Birthday Party (as well as many more in between)? Is what I’m doing now going to get me where I want to be in a year or two or three even”?

If not, then consider the lessons realised from the Blueprint course and tell me what’s holding you back from realising your dreams and ambitions much, much faster by buying your next business rather than building it from scratch, the hard way.

Go on…you know you want to!